I am Ukrainian, therefore I struggle

Will we be strong enough so that the wall between us would fall?


We all knew everything just couldn’t be always good, however, no one had warned us it’s going to be that bad. My country is half step from war. My male friends have never been so serious talking about  military stuff. I have never thought of a real possibility of being a witness of such situation.


Now or never. Why so serious? Because it is serious. Because new Hitler appeared (or finally showed his face), but Europe didn’t change much – they speak of worries and are frightened of him much more than we, as our feeling is hatred. Because we are small country, even though, we are in fact a strong-minded one.


We know, there are reasons to take Crimea “back”, but we also do know that that’s not the end. We are to struggle. We are to prove that the peninsula is an essential part of the country. And the reason is that once you’ve hesitated, your faith will never be strong again. Once we’ve satisfied Putin’s ambitions,  we would face more and more of them. That’s basic law of economics.


This is why we fight – to protect, not to show the pride of a little nation. But for this also, frankly.

I am Ukrainian, therefore I struggle

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