The purpose of writing

Now, that’s the time I make my first post here. And the only issue I would like to raise is the actual purpose of writing.

Why do we use blogs, why do we appeal to different kinds of such services? A huge amount of them gives us an opportunity to express ourselves the way we want. But what is this expressing? A method of self-realization or a self-realization itself?

We all are different. Someone posts his breakfast photo, someone publishes his work pretending to be an artist, someone makes fun of previously mentioned people.

But the purpose of writing in general is a sad attempt to etrnalize oneself and take his or her minute of glory in the modern frantic stream of thoughts and lives. We fail to have enough time to be noticed – that’s why we want to share our thoughts in the written form. However, we fail to share it in a proper and wished way then.

The only serious purpose of writing is to follow a great way of introspection and to find the true nature of our own.

The purpose of writing

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